Monday, 5 September 2011

Trial And Error

Trial and error

Welcome back to all My Life After Stroke readers

Well it is Labour Day here in Canada. The weekend that officially ends Summer. I would like to give you all an update on how my walking is going. Well we could look at it in either of two ways. 1. Outright Failure or 2. Learning another way that didn't work.

After all stroke recovery CAN be a great deal of trial and error.

I prefer to look at it as number 2. and then ask what can I learn from this?. What happened was this. The Dictus-Band worked but it worked too well. My brain got confused. It was trying to figure out when it had to lift the toe and when it didn't. The elastic band proved to be a bit too hard on my shoes and I started driving again. What does driving have to do with all of this? Well when I am driving I am not walking so my routine changes big time.

The bottom line is that my gait changed so much that it became difficult to walk at all. That's when I stopped.

I stopped using the Dictus-Band. I stopped doing the exercises. I stopped going out for my  daily walks and I stopped using the exercise bike.

If none of those things worked then what do I do now?

As of today I am going to try going for a walk again without the Dictus-Band and just with Charlie, my cane.

Maybe I tried to do too much too quickly because there was definitely a change taking place. Too much of a change for my body to handle. So I hope now after some time of not doing anything I can start over again and just take it one step at a time.

Thanks for reading

Stroke Survivor since 2002.

p.s. As a side note my hand is doing better. Today I was able to open my pill bottles and take my pills with my left (affected) hand. I knew that it had been improving but hey, you never know till you try

I had to try it after watching this video that was posted recently on Peter G  Levine's "The Stroke Recovery Blog".


  1. Trial and error is a good way to look at it. My husband had a stroke in January of this year, and it is always hard to see something that doesn't work as well as we had hoped. We were certain that the electro-stim on his arm would re-awaken his arm, but no such luck yet. We're always hoping and praying for a new idea, but I like the idea of "it's not over until it's over."

  2. Glad to know another stroke survivor who refuses to give up. Making a mistake often gives me an idea of what to do differently the next time I try. A good night's sleep so I'm not tired the next time I try helps too. I prefer to think of my first attempt as my first rehearsal.

  3. @Jen, thanks for sharing! @Rebecca, Thank you for your insight. I like your attitude. : )

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