Sunday, 12 June 2011


Stroke Recover News

"Claire Argo, previously to her stroke, was running her own consulting business. She was organizing software training sessions for various groups.  One day in 2003, she was unable to get out of bed, unable to get ready for a meeting with an important client, the National Defense.  She had just suffered a Stroke. 

 In 2008, I took over a teaching course describing Occupational Therapy Interventions with impaired adults. I then realized that occupational therapy students had difficulty understanding the consequences of a stroke. They either minimized the efforts required to overcome the impairments, or they couldn't envision opportunities for the person to continue an active life despite the impairments.  I immediately recalled my encounter with Claire Argo in 2006 at the University of Ottawa Interprofessional University Clinic. I thought of her as a very inspiring example showing how one could resume an active life after a stroke." 

 Jacinthe Savard, Ph. D., OT. Reg. (Ont.) 
Occupational Therapy Program, University of Ottawa

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Thank you Claire, for sharing your truly inspiring story with us and we hope that by Claire sharing her story, it will inspire our friends and followers here at "My Life After Stroke" to share theirs as well. If you would like to share, simply email me at and I can help you from there.

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This post comes from our guest blogger - Claire Argo Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Gary Gray
Stroke Survivor since 2002