Wednesday, 15 June 2011

One LESS thing that the brain has to do...

Dictus Band for Foot Drop
"The orthopedic aid for foot drop
The Dictus Band lifts the foot immediately after toe off. This reduces the risk of tripping over everyday obstacles such as doorsteps and carpets. The Dictus Band takes limited room in the shoe, is discreet and fits easily on any lace-up shoe."

I attended a presentation at our library today. It was a presentation by the local community based OT. (Occupational Therapist-Home Care) and PT ( Physiotherapist-Home CareDuring our discussion about assistive devices Judi Gosbee the PT introduced me to a new assistive device.

One part wrapped around my ankle and fastened with Velcro.A second clear plastic part inserted under the Velcro straps on my shoe. A third elastic band connected the two together. She installed it on my effected foot and asked me to walk to see how it felt. It felt GREAT! It was a little awkward at first because my brain was still in "remember to lift your toe" mode with every step I took. The OT suggested that I try it for a day to see if it would be of assistance to me. The more I walk with this device the more my brain is relaxing because it doesn't  have to think "lift your toe " every time I take a step.

This simple  "Foot-Up" type device really seems to be working for me. I actually walked far enough today to make my legs tired tonight. How long has it been since that happened?  A long time!

I think she said that he cost of the device would be around $60.00 and if that is the case then I imagine I will try to find a way to buy it and keep using it.

Has anyone else used this type of device and how did it work for you? It would be great if you have experience with this type of device that you could share your experience either as a comment, on our Facebook Page or on our Twitter feed.


BTW I did 400 forward revolutions on the stationary bike today and 50 reverse. So that is an increase of 200 and 50 as of today. I will try to keep that daily and increase again in a few days time.

Gary Gray
Stroke Survivor since 2002     


  1. Hi Gary,

    I work for and just found your blog and am so ecstatic that you were impressed with the Dictus Band. I actually just set up a Facebook Page and was hoping that you may like to post a comment on it? I'm not sure if you have had an opportunity to purchase a Dictus Band as of yet, but you can find them at the website. I am trying to help spread the word about this product since I have close friends and family who are also affected by drop foot for various medical conditions. The Facebook link is:

    Please don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address if you are comfortable with "liking" the page and possibly posting your experience on it. My e-mail address is (personal). Thanks again so much Gary.

    I wish you all the best of luck with your blog and your health.
    Take care. Leanne

  2. Hi Leanne, Thanks for your fab comment. I have bought the Dictus Band but I am still not using it. Reason: My Physio has been on a week of vacation and should be back tomorrow. She plans to do a retrofit for me. Since I ware Velcro closure shoes she thought it would be a good idea to install Velcro on the tongue of my shoe and on the clear plastic piece that fits over the tongue. That should hold it securely in place and not allow it to slide around under the Velcro closure straps. I will post an update soon and yes I will check out your Facebook page. :o) - Gary

  3. Hey Gary - just wanted to let you know we're now on Twitter! :) If you're using it, follow us - @AxxessMedica - thanks! Hope all is well. Take care. Leanne :)

  4. Hi Leanne I would more info ie size and prices and if available in Aus